Check It Out!

Episode hosted by: Ken Harvey, Paul Pitkin, Cindy Tingley, Jim Hills

A podcast from Sno-Isle Libraries for lifelong learners with inquiring minds.

Episode 1: Welcome to Check It Out!

Welcome to Check It Out!, a podcast for lifelong learners with inquiring minds.

In this inaugural episode, host Ken Harvey, who doubles as Sno-Isle Libraries communications director, introduces himself and his co-hosts. In upcoming episodes, listeners will meet the amazing spectrum of people who work at, use and collaborate with Sno-Isle Libraries. Listeners will learn about all of the services the library district offers at its 23 community libraries, Library on Wheels, and online. In addition to this website, Check It Out! will soon be available wherever you get your podcasts.

Joining this first conversation are:

Paul Pitkin, the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation director who brings his talents as a singer, songwriter and self-proclaimed adequate guitarist and pianist to bear on helping fund library programs. Listen for his near-miss with a Ph.D. in poli sci.



Cindy Tingley, with the Sno-Isle Libraries talent development group who became very familiar with police procedures while serving on the force in her hometown, Key West, Fla. You can bet that folks sit up straight when she’s teaching a class. Listen for the answer to: “What is a square grouper?”



Jim Hills, the library district’s public information manager, a storyteller who claims to still have some ink in his veins from familial connections with and previous career infusions from the newspaper biz. Listen for the probably exaggerated 70 mph incident.



Topping off this episode’s conversation is Book Notes, because no library podcast would be complete without occasional reading recommendations. Lindsey Anderson, a member of our Readers Services team, describes Circe, Madeline Miller’s rich tale about the misunderstood witch from Homer’s Odyssey; and The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of the Lost World by paleontologist Steve Brusatte.


Episode Hosts

Ken Harvey Ken Harvey is Communications Director for Sno-Isle Libraries. Ken brings broad professional experience from his service with Community Transit, Sound Transit, Reno, Nev., and several positions in radio and TV.

Paul Pitkin Paul Pitkin is Director of the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation. He also plays guitar, along with several other instruments, sings and writes music.

Cindy Tingley Cindy Tingley is an instructional developer with Sno-Isle Libraries. Through experience as a radio DJ, a police officer in Key West, Fla., certified technology instructor and Usui Reiki trainer, the common thread is Cindy loves teaching new skills.

Jim Hills Jim Hills is the library district’s Assistant Communications Director, Communications & Marketing. Jim is a storyteller who claims to still have some ink in his veins from familial connections with, and previous-career infusions from, the newspaper biz.

Episode Sponsors

Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation The Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation proudly supports the innovative work of Sno-Isle Libraries through private donations.