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Episode hosted by: Ken Harvey, Cindy Tingley

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Episode 8: Evolving through adversity with Seconde Nimenya

Seconde Nimenya on the stage at Edmonds Center for the Arts for TEDxSnoIsleLibraries 2016.

Chapter 1

Award-winning author, diversity trainer and naturalized U.S. citizen Seconde Nimenya joins hosts Cindy Tingley and Ken Harvey for a wide-ranging discussion about her 2016 TEDx talk, journey from her birthplace in Burundi, Africa to the Pacific Northwest of the United States, life lessons on resilience and tolerance to her discovery of libraries when she entered university. Chapter length: 51:31

Chapter 2 – Library Surprise with Rilee Louangphakdy

Rilee explores the Book-a-Librarian service available through Sno-Isle Libraries and how it can help with everything from homework to how to use your phone to access library materials. Chapter length: 3:32

Chapter 1 links

Seconde Nimenya, MBA

  • Award-winning author and diversity speaker

Check out free copies of Seconde’s books at Sno-Isle Libraries:

  • Evolving Through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover your Passion, and Honor your True Self
    (Nonfiction, available in print and audiobook)
    How do you discover who you are and honor your true self when faced with adversity? How do you use it to evolve and achieve your life purpose? Told with wit and charisma, this book is a story about breaking free and being resilient by accepting and honoring who you are. Readers will find the opportunity to reflect on how childhood and family patterns may have impacted their lives, and how to break or change the negative patterns of the cycle.
  • Hand to Hold
    (Fiction, available in print and audiobook)
    This is the tale of a young Ethiopian orphan, adopted at five years old and brought to the United States of America. Under her new parents’ love and care, she blooms and tries to assimilate to her new home, but she also finds herself longing to know her biological parents, and what happened to them!
  • “Hand to Hold” Workbook
    The companion leadership workbook is available for purchase on her website.

TEDxSnoIsleLibraries Talk

  • Join the thousands of viewers who have checked out Seconde’s TEDxSnoIsleLibraries talk on YouTube.

2017 Seeds of Hope Award

  • Seconde was awarded the 2017 Seeds of Hope award by the Snohomish County RESULTS group. RESULTS is a non-profit organization that uses community voices to bring an end to poverty. There are more than 100 chapter locations across the nation. Check out the YouTube video to see why she received the award.

Edmonds Center of the Arts

  •  ECA presents an array of outstanding performing artists from around the world, provides space, production management, technical expertise for a variety of community partners and rental clients and serves more than 75,000 patrons a year. Seconde’s TEDxSnoIsleLibraries talk was one of many hosted at the Edmonds Center of the Arts in November 2016.

University of Burundi

  • While Seconde attended the University of Burundi, she discovered the world of libraries. If you aren’t fluent in French, we recommend hitting the translate button when you visit the university’s website!

University of Phoenix

  • Seconde attended the University of Phoenix to earn her Master of Business Administration degree.

Self-help books

  • Self-help books are one of Seconde’s favorite genres; we enjoy them too, which is why we have more than 1,000 books in this genre. Please help yourself to our catalog and look for the right self-help book for you!

Burundi Civil War

  • Learn more about the civil war that Seconde mentioned when moving out of her native country.

RRU model

  • RRU is a transformational model that Seconde has developed and uses in her books, talks and It stands for Reflect, Rectify and Unite. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out her books through our catalog or purchase them through her website!

Seconde Nimenya’s website

  • Aside from her books, Seconde’s website also has loads of other content for you to explore, including a blog and her own podcast series! Go check out her website, and prepare yourself for the digital journal to evolving yourself!

Episode Hosts

Ken Harvey Ken Harvey is Communications Director for Sno-Isle Libraries. Ken brings broad professional experience from his service with Community Transit, Sound Transit, Reno, Nev., and several positions in radio and TV.

Cindy Tingley Cindy Tingley is an instructional developer with Sno-Isle Libraries. Through experience as a radio DJ, a police officer in Key West, Fla., certified technology instructor and Usui Reiki trainer, the common thread is Cindy loves teaching new skills.

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